Exceptional team building activities

Team building for your employees is crucial as it establishes and develops a greater sense of cooperation and trust between team members. It is a fact that for a company to run smoothly, its team must be efficient and work well together to increase productivity. Many businesses today use team building games and activities as a great way to break the ice within a team and improve their employees’ group communication and collaboration skills.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

This is a high activity that can be undertaken without even leaving the workplace. Staff can go on a hunt through the office or the building, searching for a list of unusual items. Split your crew into two teams; give them a list and whichever team finishes first wins! The sense of competition can undoubtedly bring your team together as they will be desperate to finish first and so will have to work together!

  1. Paintball

It can be helpful to detach your employees from the workplace to encourage bonding within the team. One of the most fun activities to engage in and one that will certainly break the ice is paintball. Your staff will roam the countryside, shooting at each other using guns filled with paint

  1. Try an Away Day

Taking your team out of the office for an away day together means that you’ll get to spend more time building relationships. Moreso, depending on the theme of the day, they will be able to learn new things. You could book out a conference room, organise your workforce into mini teams and get them all working on the same problem. This will help their teamwork skills and give you insight into each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. It will also help to improve presentation skills.

  1. Enjoying a Meal

One of the most effective team building activities is to take your staff out for a meal to enable them to relax outside of the office environment. This will mean they can chat, get to know each other and bond. It is important if you decide to go for this option to be culturally sensitive when it comes to alcohol and certain foods.

  1. Team obstacle course.

These types of corporate team building activities will build problem-solving and decision-making skills of the employees. Employees will be pressed to work together to solve both physical and mental tasks. The fact that you have to use your mind and body to complete these tasks makes the obstacle course one of the most effective team building activities. This has been used by many team building companies with great success. The result of getting your people to work together as a team is a better flow of communication, safety, and productivity.

Every company offers many different team building exercises to choose from. There is no right or wrong decision. It all comes down to what your team is looking to accomplish, and what kind of activities they are interested in. Always remember one thing; team building activities are meant to be fun! When team building activities are fun, you will see more participation. More participation means better teamwork. Better teamwork leads to happier employees.