Create a Professional Culinary Workspace at Home

Dining at home can be more than just popping something in the microwave or driving to the nearest restaurant for take-out. Creating great meals at home can be fun and easy as well as relaxing. Most kitchens already have the basics necessary for creating unique and delicious meals at home, but adding a few professional kitchen accessories can really make a meal stand out. Have you ever wondered how restaurants and great chefs create such eye-appealing meals? A lot of creating fantastic looking meals has to do with the tools and accessories professional chefs and cooks use.

Though some of these tools & gadgets can be a bit pricey, there are many unique and affordable kitchen accessories that can be purchased from for use at home at affordable prices.

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If you want to cook like a pro, then here are a few tips for creating a professional kitchen workplace that will have you dishing out 5-star meals in no time.

Think small

When it comes to planning a big meal, a lot of people overlook the little things like smallwares. Items like ice cream scoops or dishers, cookie cutters, measuring spoons and other small items used for cooking, are known as smallwares in the restaurant business. When it comes to creating great looking meals, having the right smallwares can put the right finishing touches on a plate. Dishers come in various sizes from large to very small and are great for putting uniform scoops of butter or other soft foods on plates for added eye appeal. Zesters are good for garnishing plates with a lemon or orange zest and cookie cutters can create some awesome shapes with fruits and breads that make plate presentation truly unique.

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A cut above the rest

Any great chef will tell you that the knives you use are the mark of a culinary expert. Knives make all the difference in the kitchen. To create quality dishes, you need the right knife. A bread knife is specially designed for cutting bread, and a chef knife is used for cutting and chopping. To create culinary works of art, every kitchen should have a quality set of knives that include a bread knife, chef knife, paring knife, and a utility knife.

Going for the gadgets

Some items in the kitchen are totally useless while others are invaluable. A stand mixer is one of those tools that will take any kitchen to the professional level. Stand mixers can be expensive but are worth their weight in gold when it comes to saving time. Stand mixers can be used for making everything from pizza dough to cream sauces. If it’s in the budget, get one.

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Kitchen equipment can be found just about everywhere, even items used by the pros. A local restaurant supply store is a great place to find professional equipment and restaurant tools at discounted prices. Also, going online to websites like or large retailers like can be great places to purchase quality kitchen accessories.